Barotseland peace foundation

Love and prosperity for motherland

About Us

Barotseland Peace Foundation is a not for profit organization, whose mission and objectives align with people driven aspirations for long overdue socioeconomic development, educational support, maintenance of a living history, cultural and traditional promotions, public health, self-support, research and self-determination.

We aim at empowering people who are willing to grow, especially women and children, who seem to have been left behind over the years in the national distribution of resources and economic pie. Women have an upper hand in determining the destiny of  a nation by their influence and nurturing love through primary care. When they are empowered the nation is stronger. 

Barotseland peace foundation intends to galvanize the voiceless and seeks to give tools to the youth in partnership with the international community and in collaboration with government of the day, and both the Royal establishment and the local community.

Barotseland headquarters will be in Mongu with branches elsewhere. We believe that with the introduction of business entrepreneurial ventures in Barotseland the economy will improve and poverty will be alleviated. 

External support is good only in form of capital investments, but what we do for ourselves through our initiatives and innovation, using our indigenous raw materials, and long tested and proven methods will go a long way in shaping the context of community logistical and strategic process.

Please join us in this noble cause.

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